A selection of our Birthday cakes, Wedding, Anniversary and Christening cakes.

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PLEASE NOTE - Decoration may vary with each cake.
Our Cakes
Number 70 Cake - Made With either Fresh Cream or Patisserie Crream, Sponge, Fruit & Jam.Number 3 Angry Birds CakeFootball Pitch CakeGuitarChocolate Deluxe
Small - 8" 
Large - 10" 
(Also available is Strawberry, Tiramisu, Lemon, Banana & Caramel and White Chocolate) Please Note - Decoration may vary.Tom & Jerry CakeWoody CakeSuperman CakeHello Kitty CakeLady Bird CakeDJ CakeTwo Tier CakeSuper Mario CakePorsche Cake
X-Box CakePoker CakeChampagne CakeSuperhero CakeDinosaur CakeTwo Tier Cow CakeMickey Mouse CakeM&M Cake Elephant CakeThe Hulk CakeBarbie CakeMickey Mouse Number 1 Themed CakeNumber 1 Nemo Themed CakePaintball CakeSquare Icing Cake With Photographs.
One photograph is £10 extra.Spongebob Square Pants CakeManchester United Cake

(All football team badges are available)Chelsea CakeLouis Vuitton Handbag Cake
Juicy BagNke Trainer
A Selection of our Wedding Cakes
3 Tier wedding cake with glass and lilliesBrown & White Wedding Cake with RosesTwo Tier Heart Wedding CakeThree Tier Wedding Cake
A selcetion of our Gateuxs
Including Chocolate Suprise, Strawberry Deluxe, Chocolate Fudge, Tiramisu, Fruit Gateux, Blackforest, Chocolate Flake, Fruit Charlotta, Lemon Deluxe, Banana & Caramel Deluxe and many many more...
PLEAST NOTE - Decoration will vary with each cake.
Chocolate Suprise
Strawberry Gateux
Chocolate Fudge
Strawberry Deluxe
Chocolate Deluxe
Blackforest Gateux
Fruit Gateux
White Chocolate Torte
Chocolate Flake
Hazelnut Pralina
Fruit Charlotta
Aroma Special
White Chocolate Deluxe with Fresh Fruit
Anniversary Book Icing CakePeach Two Tier CakeAnniversary Cake
Price varies with size.Square Icing Christening CakeSquare Icing Christening CakeFour Tier Mickey Mouse Christening CakeChristening Cake - 2 TierGinger Bread Man House Christening CakeTwo Tier Christening Cake With IcingLady Bird & Butterfly Christening CakeTwo Tier Sea Themed Christening CakeHello Kitty Themed Christening CakeGingerbread Themed Two Tier Christening CakeChristening Cake with name blocksBaby Shower CakeTwo Tier Baby Shower Cake
A Selection of Anniversary cakes, Baby Shower & Christening cakes